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Beautiful Sandstone Retaining walls

Sandstone is a gorgeous and most common type of stone used in Rock Wall and Retaining Wall building, with its warm caramel tones it will leave your home looking naturally stunning.

Sandstone has been used for centuries as a building material, Sandstone can take thousands and thousands of years to form, and it can also form on land and in water. So having a Sandstone wall will add class and style to your home and garden.

Sandstone is a naturally porous material which makes it a very effective choice for use in the construction of a rock wall or retaining wall. Unlike walls built using traditional blocks and mortar, sandstone allows the moisture in the soil to seep through and drain away. It has its own inbuilt drainage system and even if damage from excessive water pressure does occur, this can normally be repaired fairly easily.

Some of the Gold Coast's finest Sandstone

We only source the best quality sandstone for our clients, whether hand sawn or rough edge