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Setting the foundation of your home

Earthworks and land clearing by classic rock walls
The importance  of earthwork is often unknown; But, it the foundation of your entire home so you have to be sure to get it right the first time round otherwise you are in for some serious issues. 

By callling us at Classic Rock Walls we can give yopu advice even before you even buy your land and 100% before you sign your building contract. This will help you save both money and future headaches.

Most builders will only give you arounndn 1.5m of flat space around your home, but we will create a footprint for the dwelling that will be ideal for you and your vision. Our crew looks at the entire site and will give you a landscape design and slab that will maximise the land use and utilising the plots best features, and the best part is... we can do it for 28%-40% cheaper than your builder.

At CRW we can cut your house pad which will save you the hassle and money in the long term. If you are in need of a bobcat, excavator or any landscaping equipment to help get the job done; we can provide the right plant hire for the job.

We operate in South-East QLD, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW
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Earthworks, Excavation, Land clearing

Clearing the way for your home or Landscaping can be an expensive procedure, give us a call we can do the lot and it will save you money by getting the best team in first.