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Creative designs that complement the outdoor setting

Indeed, we are so much more than simply sandstone wall builders! Having worked in the business for over 20 years, we know how unique each customer’s site is – and we enjoy collaborating with customers to create a finished development that resonates with splash and style.

At Classic Rock Walls, every job we do is of the highest quality.

We have designed and produced many gardens throughout South East Queensland, including projects for schools. Many of our customers employ us to not only build the initial retaining wall, but also supply the planting and create other features for their gardens.

Discuss with us your ideas and we will find a way to shape your land to match. We understand that our region has a harsh landscape, fluctuating from months of dryness to torrential rain, so we can advise you on the best planting arrangements to withstand the extremes that the climate presents.

We have designed unique features for many of our happy clients. Our team has created seating areas carved from stone which make beautiful focal points for any garden.

Benches, barbecue pits and playgrounds, water features and multi-tiered gardens… you name it, we can do it. With additional horticultural expertise, we can create the perfect palette for you to create your own oasis under the south Queensland sun.

We aim at bringing your outdoor design ideas to life to provide enjoyable surroundings for your family, school or business. Whether it be garden beds, outdoor seating areas or children's playgrounds, our goal is to provide you with an end result that leaves you much more than satisfied.

We operate in south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. Please call Simon now on 0413 196 333 to discuss your needs and arrange a free quote.

Transformed into a beautiful feature

Made accessible via shaping and levelling

Brought to life with style!

We do so much more than just build walls

With our expert levelling, horticulture and design experts, expect a wonderful transformation