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The Importance of Earthworks 24 May 2018 Back to Blogs

Earthworks is the most important step for your home; as it is the complete foundation of your house and not getting it done professionally will lead to issues when placing flooring and other features later on. Earthworks involves clearing the land of rubbish, plants and weeds to ensure builders have a fresh surface when preparing to build on your property. Most builders will ensure you have 1.5m of flat space around your home so your vision can be achieved. 

There are multiple types of excavation:
- dismount
- emptying 
- terraced 

Our team of professionals at Classic Rock Walls are the best decision when looking to get the Earthworks done on your property as we will ensure that we save you time and money; by looking at the entire property and provide you with a landscape design that will cost you the least amount of money (and give you a quote that will be 28% to 40% cheaper than your builder).


Where can you find us?

Classic Rock Walls operates on the Gold Coast, South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

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Need Some Heavy Lifting?

finding the right equipment for a job can be tough, don't be stuck with the heavy lifting give us at CRW a call to help you hire you anything from a bobcat to an excavator.

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Weather Resistance

Our rock walls are weather resistant and are carefully crafted to withstand anything thrown its way.

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Our Purpose

knowing the purpose of a company you have hired for a project on your home is extremely important in ensuring you get the best results on your new rock wall or garden feature; that is appropriately priced and true to your vision

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