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The Natural Beauty of Bush Rock 19 Jul 2018 Back to Blogs

Looking for a natural rock wall that looks like it came straight from the wilderness?

What if I tell you, not onlyis that possible but we can give you a rock wall that did actually come from the Australian Wilderness. Bush Rock is as natural as it gets, and it is extremely affordable making it the perfect choice for any nature lovers looking to add a bit of natural beauty to their garden.
Bush Rock can not only be used for Retaining walls and fences; but, can also be used to line pools and add a natural looking waterfall to give your home an extra piece of beauty. Also, Bush rock is actually the base for orchids, lichens and mosses so not only will you have a gorgeous retaining rock wall,but with careful TLC your wall may bring some life to your home.


Where can you find us?

Classic Rock Walls operates on the Gold Coast, South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

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Need Some Heavy Lifting?

finding the right equipment for a job can be tough, don't be stuck with the heavy lifting give us at CRW a call to help you hire you anything from a bobcat to an excavator.

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Weather Resistance

Our rock walls are weather resistant and are carefully crafted to withstand anything thrown its way.

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Our Purpose

knowing the purpose of a company you have hired for a project on your home is extremely important in ensuring you get the best results on your new rock wall or garden feature; that is appropriately priced and true to your vision

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